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Common Questions


What is an IC? How can they help me?

                                An IC is an Independent Contractor. This means they are in a sense their own "business". They can work wherever and for whomever they chose. What sets us apart is we try and find the very best ICs for our clients. One who will take pride in their work so that our clients will rebook them. By doing so-this keeps our business growing and keeps our ICs with plenty of work and wanting to work for both us and our clients. We at Miller-Miller Enterprises not only keep in contact with our ICs, but stay in contact with our clients on a regular basis making sure everyone is happy. 

What do you charge?

                       Please refer to Pricing/Info Page.

Do I need to be home while you clean?

                       It is your choice. Generally we prefer to clean in an empty home, where we are free to move about. This tends to be more productive as well as convenient for the client. Either way is fine however.

What about Holidays/Wkends?

                       We prefer to work Monday thru Friday. However, we do make certain exceptions to this and work the occasional Saturday or Sunday. As far as Holidays, we will be off for all major Holidays but are more than happy to help you and your family/business prepare for the Holiday Season by working more shifts prior to.

Do you provide cleaning supplies?

               We provide everything but broom, mop, vacuum and toilet brush. You do have the option to use our all natural products as well. If you prefer a specific product you would just need to keep it stocked for us.

What else would you can you do?

                Really, don't hesitate to ask. Each IC takes on different tasks. We have done the following: Laundry, Organizing, Party Planning/Wedding, Preparing Cakes, Designing Invitations, Addressing Invites, Diaper Cakes, Creating Websites, and much much more.



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