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Moving out?? MOVING IN??


Our moving out/in pricing STARTS at $100. Baseboards alone could take hours.  After we determine what exactly you are wishing for me to do, we will decide on a final price.

Starting at $100.....

 You are getting a great deep down clean. This means... 

cabinet doors,  light fixtures, ledges,

cobwebs, spot wiping baseboards, counters, sinks, tubs, mirrors, closets, fans,

carpets (will not scrub stains)-going around edge of carpet with hose mopping,

bathrooms/kitchen, stairways.....

Some things that would be considered extra initially would be inside of stove/fridge, wiping all baseboards, windows, inside of cabinets.....


Obviously, the bigger the home, the higher the price. The more tasks, the higher the price. We would set up a walk-thru as if I was cleaning your home on a regular basis.




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