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Pricing is different upon each job and or home.  However these are the basic steps as to how we quote your price and what exactly you will be getting for your money.

This is for a regular routine cleaning only.  Move-in/out, as needed and one time cleanings are not comparable. Please see Moving on side bar or request a FREE ESTIMATE (a $60.00 value).


Set up a consultation  to do a simple "walk thru"

At the end of our walk thru we will take down your information and email you with an estimated price for you. This price is for the ENTIRE JOB not per hour.  The estimates are based on how long we expect to be cleaning. An estimated high vs low price could be based upon numbering factors.
1. how big the area is (layout)

2. how clean the area is to begin with

3. the tasks in which you are wanting us to take care of

 4. how easily accessible the cleaning is

Other factors may apply.

The minimum charge is $60...pricing goes up from there.  Simply email us with your home size and we will be able to give you a free "guesstimate".

TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA. GENERALLY....(pricing differs upon each home)

1200 SQ FT= roughly $

3000 SQ FT= roughly $


***Additional charges are basements, windows, baseboards, inside of appliances and special projects. Other charges may apply

We do charge more for the first cleaning, a minimum increase of $40,  the first cleaning is very time consuming and detail oriented. This fee varies. 


Any other requests may be charged extra if they are out of the ordinary

We ask that until  informed otherwise that you provide me with CASH Or prepaid online ONLY. This is so we can avoid bouncing checks and for added convenience. Once we have established a good relationship you may pay by cash, check or online. 
We ask that payment is paid ON THE DAY of cleaning. You may leave this on a counter, or simply where we will know it is. We DO NOT ACCEPT POST DATED CHECKS



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