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Miller-Miller Enterprises LLC tries it's best to be a  "one" person cleaning business. We clean every size of businesses/offices, residential homes, new construction, model homes, move in/outs, apartments and apartment grounds, new real estate listings and even stage homes on occasion. We try our best to have the same individual clean your jobsite every single time!  We use all natural cleaning products which make a much safer environment for you and your family. Not to mention a lot cheaper. 

I, Jessica Miller, currently live in Whitestown, IN (2 minutes from Zionsville).  I'm 36 years old, married to a wonderful man for 13 years, and mother to 2 beautiful little girls.  I also am very animal friendly!!!  I have 2 dogs of my own but grew up in the country and been around every type of animal.  I attended college for Business Mgmt, became a multi-retail store manager, and then a dear friend introduced me into professionally cleaning. Miller-Miller Enterprises LLC has been in business for going over 9 years now. Professionally "green" cleaning for 7 1/2. I love to clean, take pride in my work...and love to help others.

We have a few part time cleaners and a few full time cleaners with us!  We hire both Men and Women. Our full time cleaners include the following....

Nikki is our Quality Manager for the West Lafayette-Lafayette. She also works in the Lafayette-Thorntown area.


Deanna works full time in the Lebanon - Carmel-Brownsburg area.

Dusty works full time in our Lebanon, Carmel, Brownsburg and surrounding areas  

Denise works full time in Lebanon, Brownsburg, Carmel and surrounding cities.

Jishshya works full time in our Lafayette area.


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